General information

Study plan

As a study circle within Studiefrämjandet we had a Study plan

How to find us

We are currently located online.

Details how to get there

Get involved

Our platforms are open for everyone and to anything that complies with our Code of Conduct. Thanks for understanding this opportunity to keep our world an equal and stimulating space for everyone.

Our activity is currently only online. So join the mailing list or the IRC channel.


The member fee for Gothenburg Hackerspace is split in two parts:

  • Membership fee 50 SEK / year
  • Lab usage fee 20 SEK / month (240 SEK / year)(Currently not available) (Hackers under the age of 18 are admitted free of any charge.)

Payment information

  • Corporate identification number: 802448-8002
  • Account number: 8105-9, 914 496 806-3 (Swedbank)
  • Bankgiro number: 462-4169

Please use the account number where possible (not forgetting to write your name/nick/cryptographic verification/whatever as comment!) in ease of administration.


Our Statutes in Swedish and English (Work in Progress)


The protocols of our public meetings can be found here