Study plan

Vad vill ni lär er?

We want to explore the border between technology and society. That includes the use of technology in all areas of society including education and art. We are curious about the potential of various technologies but also want to raise awareness about risks and challenges, e.g. for privacy and information security. We want to both explore theoretical foundations and experience hands-on experiences.

Hur vill ni lära er?

The intended way of teaching and learning of the above mentioned content is twofold:

  • we want to create a general, flexible and open environment that encourages participation and exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • We want to spread knowledge in specific events like talks and workshops that dive into a specific topic


Our plan is open-ended but includes meatings at least once per month

Hur vill ni presentera er studieplan?

The official study plan will be developed and presented in the official Hackerspace Wiki

Vilken stöd behöver ni från Studiefrämjandet?

Currently we require a location as well as some storage space provided by Studiefrämjandet


In yearly full membership meetings we create an action plan for the following year and evaluate how closely we managed to follow the previous plan