Protocol of the yearly meeting of the Gothenburg Hackerspace

Date: April 25th 2020

Present: Herb (chair person), Tom (secretary), Klondike (Treasurer), Chrys, Vladimir

Absent: Auditor

  1. The meeting was opened 17.00
  2. The people present confirm that the invitation was made three weeks in advance
  3. Election of the chairman for the meeting unanimously: Herb
  4. Election of the secretary for the meeting unanimously: Herb
  5. Election of the witnesses of the protocol unanimously: Chrys and Klondike
  6. Description of activities in 2019:
    1. State of GHS: Last AFK activity 27th of may 2019 and no activity since after the summer 2019
    2. Activity at Falken
      • In-person meetings at Falken (16.3., 6.4., 27.4.)
      • Official status as a study circle
      • Move of GHS property from Falken into storage (due to renovation at Falken)
  7. Economy report

    • No report by treasurer
    • Problem accessing bank account (issues contacting previous treasurer Olof Gross)
  8. Report of the auditor: skipped due to absence

  9. Discharge of previous year's board Board discharged with 1 yes vote and 1 abstention

  10. Activity plan for 2020/2021

    • Software defined radio (workshop)
    • Virtual hackerspace with bridge to irc
    • Irregular (online) meeting, in person meetings possible at klondike's place
  11. Budget for the new year

    • Potential income: membership fees
    • Expected spendings: none
  12. Election of the board for the new year

    • No candidates, thus no newly elected board
    • Interim board (same as current board) for two months, trying to find a new board if association not dissolved
  13. Election of auditor for the new year


  14. Election of the election committee for the new year


  15. Other questions

    1. Listing of possessions of the hackerspace
      • Stuff at falken
      • Stuff at klondike's
      • Stuff at herb's
      • Stuff at cykelk√∂ket gamlestan
    2. Future of GHS as an association

      Agree to have an extraordinary yearly meeting to look at dissolving the association one month from now

  16. End of the meeting 17.53

Protocol writen by Herb and adjusted by Klondike and Chrys