Welcome new members and gathering new board meeting

  • Welcome new members and gathering new board meeting
  • Saturday, June 13 2020, 17.00-17.30
  • Online: https://meet.jit.si/GHS-new, IRC #ghs

Everybody invited to say hi, and discuss if GHS is going to have a new board.

Currently only one more person is needed to keep GHS association running, if you are considering this you are welcome in any role.

We have a draft plan for activities in 2020 which could be another topic to talk about.

Draft plan:

  1. update infrastructure: e-mail, IRC channel, jitsi meet, nextcloud? vircadia/opencobalt?, etherpad, mumble, icecast gbg.hackerspace.se/ clarify what's up and handle

    shutdown unused facebook and twitter (https://twitter.com/gbghackerspace)

    retrieve access to the bank account (of GBG Hackerspace)

  2. Accommodation.

    Use CRF(https://chalmersrobotics.se) premises for a while. ( It is cheap, 100 sek per year. Possible to get new members who thinks likewise. CRF people mostly doesn't care about free software, nor privacy. )

    I believe now is a good time to get accommodation, many service and tourist oriented businesses are closing, must be lots of vacant spaces. ( Will contact Mölndal city administration, my housing association, ask people who has contacts in other housing associations. )

  3. Get new members. As I mentioned before I believe it is good to start at CRF. Start with robot workshop for older kids or parents (making Cubetto-like robot and control board with coding blocks), then, when everything is ready, open playground for smaller kids. Also it is necessary to replace humans with robots on CRF cameras (https://chalmersrobotics.se/member-zone/) or convince them to remove those.